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Superior education gives better breaks in life. These days, competition is getting hotter and kids need top grades to aspire to higher education. Why take chances and depend on private tutor in overcrowded classrooms? PJS Tuition Agency is the private tutor Singapore parents have been relying on for years. Your talented kid deserves the very best. It is like music to your ears!

Private Tutor Singapore

This fills the gap that is missing in improving your children's PLSE grades, while you earn a living to support your family. Flash forward to the day that you attend their college graduation presentation. You'll be so proud of them, and so pleased that PJS Tuition Agency saved them when they needed a professional learning base mostly found at any of these levels too:

Lower Primary Tuition

Upper Primary Tuition

Secondary Tuition 

Junior College Tuition

Success at All Phases Guaranteed!


Above video from Singapore News: Alexandrea Sia, a primary six pupil, said having private tuition has helped improve her grades significantly.

It's a commonly held view in social circles that there is growing interest in private tutoring within Singapore. Of course, not all home tutors are the same and you must choose a tuition centre carefully. Tuition rates in Singapore vary but money should not be at the centre of your decision. If you find another home tuition service that posts a record half as good as us, and charges a single dollar in fees less than our price then we'll be surprised! You win both ways with PJS. That's top-quality education in primary English at affordable rates that has helped your gifted child effectively.

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All our classes are held in an engaging reading environment. It is our policy to select our private tutor with matching qualifications and a high degree of ability to present study material using a practical approach that make the knowledge stick. Every PJS private tutorial session links up with recent exam papers in providing information transfer. Many students fail science examinations because they are poor in preparing for the system. Our inspired students are experienced in examination answering techniques in any of these specialized subjects so essential for their future:

English Tuition

Mathematics Tuition

Science Tuition

Chinese Language Tuition

Physics Tuition

Biology Tuition

 Economic Tuition

 General Paper (GP) Tuition

 PSLE Tuition

 O Level Tuition

 A Level Tuition


Guaranteed Subject Specialists from PJS Tuition Agency!

There simply is no better place to join for rock-solid, dependable education at an affordable cost that's within your reach. Send an email to PJS Tuition Agency now, or contact us on right away. There is no better gift to share with your child than a preferably better way to make improvements in their exam grades. If you are looking for good male or female tutors you have been connected to the right place. With us, your concern becomes affordable.

Looking for Private Home Tutors - The Facts

Home Tuition Singapore

Home teaching is a specialist art. Before entrusting your special child to home tutor ask these questions of the educator first:

  • Are the Home Tutor trained to teach the subject, and was this their major subject too?
  • What jobs have they done to stay up to date since then, and can they account for it?
  • Who have of they worked with in Primary School tuition or Ex MOE Teacher, for example?
  • Who did their profiles in terms of character, reputation and personality?
  • Are they from PJS Tuition Agency, the private tutor Singapore parents love?

Not all home tuition agencies are the same. Choose the right one by offering your gifted child the best break possible. A PJS recommended private home tutor in your area fits in with your daily schedule during the week perfectly while avoiding unnecessary travel to and from the location of classes. When it suits you the're there reliably and on time. When you need your family space they read the situation carefully and reschedule tuition hours instantly.

It is better to search for a home tutor who can form the right chemistry with your child throughout their education, and bond with them professionally during their tuition assignment. PJS Tuition Agency has among the lowest tuition rates in Singapore. It also has qualified groups of teachers able to educate your child throughout their national and international Primary School tuition, Secondary School tuition, JC tuition and even right through university too!

Good Reasons to Choose PJS Tuition Agency

We mentioned the great economic benefits previously. However some things are worth more than money and that's where PJS is highly competent. First of all, we are parents ourselves, and we love kids required to ensure your special child improves their performance - and that's as true during full-time schooling, as it is during their part-time undergraduate courses at Singapore university or polytechnic.

We believe that every lecturer, and part or full time tutor needs an excellent academic background. They also must have skills training in order to deliver knowledge your child will understand long after. Our tutors are current MOE Teacher and ex MOE registered parttime teachers. This gives you added peace of mind. The tuition they provide aligns perfectly with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum.

A Superior Tuition Assignment for Your Child

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You've heard the facts. It is not so long ago that tuition services were unavailable. We are the private tutor Singapore parents have been relying on in recent history- and for good reason too.

We care for kids. It is important for them to get a superior education in order to achieve good results that give them the best start in life in the dynamic community that is Singapore today.

How do we achieve this at such competitive rates? It is due to marketing, sales and business efficiency. PJS employs people with advanced teaching skills. We don't spend money - your money advertising and being the biggest private tutor institution in Singapore. Our economies of scale are massive, and we pass every dollar on to our customers.

Over to you now; you want your child to receive top-class education, but you're concerned about the comments every researcher has made about ineffective private tutors. You do the maths. We take the economics of raising families into consideration and every dollar matters. We've gotten our message across. PJS Tuition Agency welcomes enquiries from responsible people. Put us to the test. Every client has written positive review articles about our company. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back in a month. Can you think of a better reason to send your exceptional child to us?

To make a request for more information send an email to the PJS Tuition Agency management right now, or call us on number right away. There is no better gift that you can give your child than an assured way to improve their examination grades. If you are searching for top-rate private tutors in 2017 and next January, you have come to the right place. With us, your kindness becomes affordable, and your gifted child achieves the best grades.


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